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Process Management

Efficient process management will bring you continuous improvement and overall stable operation of the production process, saving you time and production line management costs.

Process services include technical and economic assessment of existing processes, installation and commissioning of new system processes, process development and upgrade of existing systems, optimization and improvement of existing process operations, problem solving of process and related equipment, process and technical support, Process management and other documents.

Including optical glass cutting, optical ultrasonic cleaning, optical coating, optical cold processing, optical inspection, optical system assembly process.

Process service staff are years of field management experience and process maintenance experience of senior engineer.

Optical Thin Film Product Development

The overall design of the product, thin film design,Material selection, process development,Production line layout,Staff recruitment and training, process documentation and so on.

Our thin film design is based on Filmstar Optical Thin Film Softwarwe . Filmstar is good at thin film design, optical thin film system evaluation, process control, measurement and product data management and so on.

Optical Thin Film Technology Training

Optical thin film design, coating process control, operations, Process management.

The purpose is to apply advanced technology, experience and management mode to customers' production control and business management in a timely manner so as to improve the technical strength and operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Training participants can be technicians, engineers, operators, marketing staff, business managers.

There are standard training courses and on-demand training.

Trainers are our senior technical staff with many years of work experience, professors, researchers and so on.

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