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Popular for more than 30 years

Filmstar is one of the best optical film software in the world.

Much closer to the actual production process, more thoughtful consideration of the user's operating habits.

Software serves engineers, software serves process.

Filmstar Introduction

Filmstar is one of main products from FTGSoftware.

Filmstar is established since 1986 and good at thin film design, inversion fitting, material refractive index(n&k) fitting, measurement control, data management&analysis, coating training and so on.

The development team of Filmstar has many years of working and business handling experience in thin film coating industry. They are well aware of the importance of computer-aided technology and process automation.

Filmstar is more in line with the process and product features by combining software development technology and actual actual process characteristics of coating industry.

Filmstar has optimization (many optimization strategies including Needle and Buffer), refractive index fitting (Dielectric, semiconductor and metal materials, both substrates and thin film layer), inversion simulation (thickness, Tooling factors, coating rate, angle), color calculation(customized light source), data import and export and other basic functions.

Filmstar has development platform such as BASIC and WORKBOOK. There are many examples in BASIC development platform, What the user need to do for a secondary development is only to set the parameters and path of their process data. WORKBOOK is actually an Excel file and then it can take full advantage of Excel's width (many cells) and depth (functions,formulas,feature settings, etc.) as well as Filmstar's own fast optimization & calculations to extend the optimization targets and summarize the results.

In terms of data processing and user interface, Filmstar supports interworking and embedding with Excel. It can generate files of .xls and .doc without opening Excel and Word. It can export of quality pictures and PDF files by FSPlot and can set the template report by ReportGenerator and so on.

A database module is also available for the management and analysis of thin film design, process data and so on.

Filmstar makes your work even more powerful and creates value for you!

Typical Users

Filmstar has gained widespread popularity in North America, Europe and Asia. It is used by more than 700 organizations around the world.

We have more users in the following industries and application fields:

  • Precision Optics
  • Solar
  • Low-E or other Large Area Coating
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Aerospace Research Department

The coating equipment of users who use Filmstar sucessfully:

  • Balzers(Evatec): evaporation, sputtering, precision optics application.
  • Leybold Optics:evaporation, precision optics application.
  • OptoRun:evaporation,precision optics application.
  • VON ARDENNE: sputtering coating, Low-E glass coating
  • On line Low-E coating:Low-E glass coating
  • Other coating equipment assembled by themselves:precision optics application,Low-E glass coating, Solar tube coating

Filmstar Suite

FilmStar-Main Programs
Main Functions
DESIGN Designs and optimizes optical thin film coatings. A Free Version with fixed indices is available.
INDEX Maintains dispersive index files and functions.
MONITOR Optional...converts designs to manual or automatic optical monitor settings.
Support optical monitoring system from Leybold Optics, Balzers, Eddy and so on.
CRYSTAL Optional...uploads designs to INFICON and Sycon deposition controllers
MEASURE Optional...controls and acquires data from spectrophotometers. This program is also marketed to chemists and spectroscopists as Scantraq.

FilmStar Development System(Platform)
Main Functions
Filmstar BASIC A BASIC interpreter nearly 100% compatible with Microsoft VBA.
Expand Filmstar software's capabilities.
Engineer's own development platform.
Integrate hundreds of examples to make secondary development easier.
Filmstar Workbook An Excel-compatible spreadsheet for calculating and optimizing user-defined spectral functions.
FSPlot Module Publication-quality graphs for calculated and measured spectra.
Report Generator Previews and prints reports with text, results, and graphics.
Filmstar Database Use FileMaker Pro to sort and select designs and manage spectral data.
MS Access compatible support is also available.
DDE & Automation Integration with 16-bit and 32-bit Windows applications.

More Details


Installation Files

Please note:

  1. Only current versions are available for download.Please Contact Us to get the older versions.
  2. Please save installers and corresponding passwords.
  3. Close all FTG Software programs before re-installing.
  4. Installers contain the latest versions, there are no 'patch' files.
The installation files for Formal edition
  • DESIGN 2.61.4072
  • INDEX 2.51.0450
  • MONITOR 2.53.0310
  • CRYSTAL 2.30.0007
  • MEASURE/Scantraq 2.51.1753
Installation Files
(Apply to X86 or X64 Windows
  • Only Applies to users who purchased the software and are valid for the duration of the upgrade.
  • Please use the password from the upgrade email.
  • Please NOT download this file for trial

Installation File for Free Trial Version:Free Trial Version

Please note:

  1. It is for X86 Windows system. Please set it to XP compatible if you install it on X64 Windows system (Vista, Win7, Win10).
  2. You need enter password to install the program,Please Contact Us to get the password.
  3. We will try our best to keep it updated timely, if not sure, please download the newest version from Official Site.

Help Manuals

We will try our best to keep them updated timely, if not sure, please download them from Official Site.

The manuals for free version:

We will try our best to keep them updated timely, if not sure, please download them from Official Site.

Product and Service


All modules of Filmstar, you can purchased one or combination.


  1. Update for the software program.
  2. Replacement service for USB key or older type.


  1. Standard Training class(Designated training venue, may multiple participants from different organizations).
  2. On site training for one organization(Un-limited participants and customized training contents).

Support and consultation service

Technical support for software operation and application, secondary development for specific process or product.

Frequently Asked Questions

If on Win7, please refer to compatibility on Win7
  1. Please do not plug the USB key into the computer, so that the system (Windows) can identify the hardware and find the right driver. If it fails, please check the hardware changes in the control panel and device manager to install the driver.
  2. If you have installed a free version before, please completely uninstall it before installing the new software.
  3. Download the newest setup file from the website and get the password from update email or support email.(If no, please Contact Us).
  4. You need choose 'Security ID Module' during installation, if wrong, please reinstall it.
  5. Please plug USB key to use the software after the installation is finished.
If you are already using Filmstar and are now ready to install Filmstar on a new computer and transfer the old data, please follow these steps:
  1. Install Filmstar on your new computer following the above the steps.
  2. Assuming for 2 computers, Filmstar are installed on C: \ Winfilm, if not please change the paths corresponding.
  3. Copy filders Design,Index,Data of C:\winfilm\ from the old computer to that of new computer.
  4. Copy file Design1.ini of C:\Winfilm\Config\ from the old computer to realted folder on new computer. Please jump this step if you have not configured it.
  5. Please not attach the usb key before you finish the installation.
  1. To disable UAC, from Control Panel select User Accounts and locate the Turn User Account Control... link. Clear the UAC checkbox and reboot. Disabling UAC gets rid of annoying 'Windows needs your permission to continue' dialogs. On the other hand, you (or your IT department) might not want to disable the feature.

    More about disabling UAC: Vista,Windows 7

  2. After installation, if there is still problem, right click and select 'Run as administrator'. Then select Allow. The next time the program runs normally
  3. In reponse to This program might not have installed correctly we found no problem after clicking This program installed correctly.
  4. If the issue is still there, please Contact Us.
After opening a design or updating the refractive index information, a hint as shown in the following figure was found, indicating that there is a layer symbol that is not assigned a refractive index in the thin film stack.

You can check it through click Design -> Group editor, then click Show Indecies at the right-bottom corner. A dialog is shown as below:

After comparison, we know that the symbol 'L' is not set to a material as expected.

Then we need come back to Setup -> Film Indices and add material to 'L':

Of course, you can also replace 'L' with 'M' which has a pre-set material if you know the material of 'M' is really you want to use.
  1. Ctrl+P:Parameter Configuration.
  2. Ctrl+I:Index Configuration.
  3. Ctrl+E:Remove current chart.
  4. Ctrl+O:Start to optimize current design with existing configuration(strategy,parameters).
  5. Ctrl+T:View and Edit current optimization targets.
  6. Ctrl+D:Group Thin film stack.
  7. Ctrl+L:Layer thin film stack.
  8. F8:Spectrum data.
  9. F9:Re-calculate current design and redraw the curve.
  10. Ctrl+J:Adjust the thickness of current layers
  11. Right Click on the main interface:Configure the chart axis and wavelength range.