Coating Service

Complete process service, not only coating itself.

We Provide

Complete process service for coating industry chain, not only coating itself.
From samples to mass production, regardless of business order size.
Fulfill customer request from different industries, different application levels and different scenarios.

Initial concept and idea

Yes. You just need present your initial or not quite clear concepts or ideas, Our professional and technical staff will communicate with you with solutions based on their expertise and our database.

Design for Systemic Application

    Thin film design

    Choice of substrates and Matching mechanism;

    Simulation for application performance, You know what you can get before it is done.

    Simulation for process tolerance or deviation, define reasonable specification

Performance, Cost and Delivery Estimation

Considering the balance of performance and cost

Coordinate your plan based on delivery estimation

Multiple Options

Coating Process

Substrate Processing.

Process Adjustment of equipment.

Tooling Adjustment and Planning.

Inspection, Measurement and evaluation of small batch samples.

Improved Test Plan.

Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

Measurement, Performance Evaluation of Entire System

Measurement of performance.

Reliability Test Plan.

Evaluation of performance of the product in entire system.

Product performance evaluation of process deviation.

After-sales Service

Root Cause Analysis.

Trouble shooting.

Reverse Engineering.

Product Improvement Plan.

Process Improvement Plan.

Our Advantage

We provide tailor-made customized service and the overall solution according to the specific requirements of customers.

  • Hardware

    The world's most advanced equipment.

    Evaporation(IAD),Sputtering, IBS.


    The equipment made by ourself.


    Test equipment for thermal shock, humidity, salt fog.

  • Software

    The world famous commercial thin film software such as Filmstar、OptiLayer.

    Self-developed software for process management (Index fitting, uniformity control).

    Self-developed software for quality control

    Self-developed software for equipment tracking and management.

  • Technology

    Product development and design technology.

    Process development and control technology.

    Equipment control and repair technology.

    Metrology for optical thin film.

  • Team

    Professional background of Optical thin film.

    Working experience of famous coating companies.

    Over 10 years outsoucing handling experience.

    Quality assurance through procedure and policy

    Traceability Plan.

Hardware Ability Guarantee

Good equipment not only depend on brand and price but also on how to use it.

Usage habit and maintanance plan can keep good status for a good equipment.

Production environment

Cleaning room.

Processing and coating equipment

Processing equipment for substrates(cutting,milling,drilling,polishing);

A variety of coating technology and platform:e-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering,ion beam sputtering(IBS).

Thickness Monitoring technology includes optical monitoring(wide-wavelength, single-wavelength), crystal, time.

Inspection and Testing Equipment


Ongoing Reliability Test(ORT):temperature, humidity, salt fog.


Standard tooling platform(Planetary, dome, drum).

Self-designed and self-produced tooling for special request from customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the life of an enterprise

Quality is manufactured, but need inspection.

Reliable,sustainable, stable quality come from Precaution.


Integration of Coating Technology and Process.

High Precision and coating monitoring technolgy and process record make sure the coating rate accurate, stable and controllable.

Make sure the actual product is produced in accordance with the design based on high precision thin film layer thickness monitoring and Compensation strategy.

Good Maintanance and Calibration plan for Inspection instrument.

Complete staff training plan and professional operation.

Inspection, Record and Responsibility

Sampling inspection Plan and 100% Inspection Plan.

Perfect tracking Record.

Implement Clear Responsibility to Specific Personnel.

After-sale Warranty

Timely Warranty, Effective Work.

Service Response

We provide technical hotline, Internet service support, on-site support and other means of after-sales service.

Technical Support

Implentation Instruction:Provide detailed instructions and precautions to avoid harm to your interests or failure to achieve the expected performance if not used properly

Product Performance Improvement Plan:Performance improvement for generation replacement, we will provide expected result, Accelerate your research and development efficiency.

Cost Improvement Plan:The important part from RD to Mass production. What can be done during RD does not mean that you can take the initiative in the market. We will develop and implement product cost improvement plan to improve the competitiveness of your product through industry comparison and break down the whole procedure.

Abnormal analysis: We will perform root cause-analysis through our tools(including instrument and software) and experience of our professionals.

Technical Training

We provide training related of RD, usage, problem prevention and others.